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I've ordered four Steinharts, three separate times from, and can't say enough good things about the experience. Yes, the wait time is tough, but as long as you're okay with waiting, Toptime is a great way to go. Also, they occasionally offer discount codes and worldwide free shipping if you sign up for their newsletter, which helps out with the overall cost. Plus the additional year of warranty support is an added bonus.


Cobbgoblin (member of WUS forum)


I have exactly same experience with, Peter is great and he lead me through entire process . He is very active on Skype and he will give an instant answer.


knezz (member of WUS forum)


Peter is a smart man who understands their business and lives to what to do. I can highly recommend his services to anyone wishing to obtain advice or quality of the conversation in a wristwatch. I wish Peter and his shop all the best and many satisfied customers.


Lukas Antolik (LinkedIn)


I have collaborated with Peter several times and have always found him extremely professional, courteous and honest. It is genuinely a pleasure working with him as he is hard working and very transparent in his transactions. I hope to carry on being able to work with him in the future and would sincerely recommend his services.


Teresa Cefai


Peter Kožár is probably the best dealer I have ever trade with - very fast and accurate. He shows deep knowledge of watches and is always responsive. I am very satisfied of every bargain I've had with him.


Tihomir Sotirov


Toptime is not just a good seller, he offers top quality after sales service as well. I had a minor quality issue with my Steinhart, and Toptime was 100% perfect in assisting me with this issue, that was brilliantly resolved to my full satisfaction.


Simone Roncali (Facebook)