It all began with a fake watch. Yes, this is true.The history of the Toptime company (the operator of this webpage) wouldn‘t probably even begin if it weren’t for your average fakes.To be more precise a Breitling fake.
It was a long time ago, during high school, when one of my enterprising classmates offered me a “luxury“ Breitling watch. I never heard of this brand in my life. He said it costs about 5,000 Euros and I just could not believe him that such watch actually exists. Who would be willing to pay 5,000 EURO for a watch?! And what could be so pricy about your “average watch“? I can remember this very vividly.
And so I began my research. and it all began with this. I was enchanted by it!
Since then I became interested in watches a little more, but still nothing more than a hobby. But one day, already in college, I had the idea that I could make of my hobby something more. And so the Toptime ( /.sk) was created and later the first watch forum in Slovakia was added. For all those who use watch for more than checking time (in slovak language only).
Even though the mechanical watch is beautiful, I still wouldn’t pay for them 5,000€. That’s why I try to bring to the market brands, which perhaps aren’t that famous, however they have an excellent price to quality ratio. The golden middle way.
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Peter Kozar
founder of Toptime, s..r.o.